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Work package 4

Evaluation & framework development

The initial objective of this work package (WP) is to evaluate the results of the pilot actions undertaken, in terms of

  1. process, drawing out lessons learnt & examples of good practice to be taken forward through the Framework for the development of the social economy for the management of green & blue infrastructure;
  2. results & outcomes, as recorded & measured through the process developed in WP1.

The evaluation will be undertaken by independent experts.

The main objective will then be to develop a strategic framework for growing the role of the social economy in managing & developing green & blue infrastructure within the region. This will take account of the scoping work undertaken through WP1 and the pilot actions carried out in WPs 2 & 3. As well as drawing out the lessons learnt through the project, it will identify implications for EU policy. This will include opportunities for taking forward the Europe 2020 strategy and suggestions for taking forward opportunities identified through the operational programmes for the structural funds (both ERDF & ESF).

The final objectives of this WP relate to

  1. refining and promoting the methodology for assessing outputs & outcomes of projects seeking to marry the cost-effective management of the infrastructure with social outcomes;
  2. investigating (& developing if possible) opportunities for promoting the mobility of both beneficiaries and social entrepreneurs between countries. This will help increase the long-term employment potential of beneficiaries, while facilitating the transfer of knowledge, experience & ideas amongst social entrepreneurs;
  3. identifying & promoting innovation by social entrepreneurs;
  4. creating an on-going structure for taking action in this field forward after the end of the project, based on the virtual Social Enterprise Zone concept.

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