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Work package 3

Social Enterprises delivering Social outcomes

This work package (WP) will concentrate on the aim of delivering social outcomes through the involvement of the social economy in managing the green & blue infrastructure. The WP will draw together the emerging results from Action 2 & 3. Since social outcomes will also be delivered through the other pilot actions, input will be drawn from these as appropriate. Objectives are to:

  1. investigate the needs & requirements of the specific beneficiary groups involved in the pilot actions - long-term unemployed, unemployed young people, ex- offenders, young people with special needs, volunteers (who are often older citizens);
  2. investigate the training & skills needs of these groups and how they might be delivered;
  3. develop appropriate structures / arrangements within the social delivery organisations and/or public authorities for managing the beneficiaries, including skills training;
  4. investigate opportunities for community & special interest groups to become directly involved in the management of the infrastructure e.g. through volunteering. Such an approach is well developed in the UK & Ireland, although considerably more can be done to facilitate it. It is less developed in other countries, so opportunities will be taken to promote the approach in Belgium & France in particular;
  5. develop appropriate measures to assess the social impact of actions through evaluation of the pilots;
  6. identify innovative practices from the pilots.

In Action 2 (in England), the activity is delivered directly by the organisation managing the infrastructure, whereas Action 3 (in Scotland) is delivered via a consortium of social enterprises, with minimum involvement from the infrastructure manager. This will allow the two approaches to be compared and contrasted. Both actions will address the topics covered in the objectives of the WP. Additional input will come from the other pilot actiions within the project, particularly in terms of meeting the needs of other target beneficiary groups not covered by Actions 2 & 3 and with specific advice / expertise from partner Succeed in Sambre.


WP3A2 Access, heritage & environment pilot

Action 2 has two components, both of which will deliver improvements to the environment, heritage and accessibility of the infrastructure. The first involves the establishment of a placement scheme for young people, delivering training & skills that will improve their employability in the workplace. The second involves delivery through a team of volunteers.

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WP3A3 Canal College, Scotland

Action 3 creates a conservation & heritage skills training & employablity programme aimed at young people that will be delivered and managed through a consortium of existing social enterprises in the region.

Detailed pilot project description

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