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Work package 2

Development of not-for-profit structures

This Work package (WP) investigates ways of stimulating and securing the on-going sustainability of not-for-profit structures in managing green & blue infrastructure. The objectives of this WP relate to drawing together the emerging results from the pilot actions. Objectives are to:

  1. promote the development of social enterprises and social entrepreneurship in relation to green & blue infrastructure. This will include consideration of the role of the public sector in promoting opportunities;
  2. bring together stakeholders (green infrastructure management organisations, community & special interest groups, social actors, beneficiary organisations etc.) to generate new ideas for public service delivery, efficiency improvements and new business concepts;
  3. develop entrepreneurship & business models arising from this engagement;
  4. investigate potential barriers to enterprise development, including finance, procurement and legal structures / contracts;
  5. investigate innovative approaches to secure the long-term financial viability of the structures created, possibly through involvement of the private sector or by the use of volunteers.

Through this WP, the concept of the Social Enterprise Zone will be taken forward and piloted in Scotland (Action 1) and rolled out to other partners on a virtual basis as the WP is taken forward. All actions will contribute in some way to this WP. However the main input will come from the following

WP2A1 Social enterprise incubation

Action 1 will establish a Social Enterprise Zone as an incubator for social enterprises, focussing initially on the Lowlands Canals in Scotland, but which will be extended out to other partners as the project progresses. The SEZ will test innovative approaches to the formation of social enterprises, including how to involve stakeholders with an interest in the green infrastructure. It will also investigate appropriate business models;

Detailed pilot project descriptions

British Waterways Scotland
Province de Hainaut
Province of West Flanders

Further reading

Certificate of Work Readiness (SCQF level 4)

HELIX Exploring Social Enterprise April 2014

Helix SE Zone DYSE Programme Report

Helix Social Enterprise Zone Report

Outline proposal for the transnational virtual zone

Third Sector May 2013

Steering committee update

WP2A1 and WP3 Skills development

WP2A1 HELIX Exploring Social Enterprise April 2014

WP2A1 Resource Centre and Social Enterprise Zone (SEZ) Partner Input guide


WP2A4 Social economy networking

Action 4 is aimed at networking social groups & organisations around the green infrastructure and developing business opportunities that arise from this. This approach is based on existing networks with already identified sectors of opportunity.

Detailed pilot project description

South Tipperary County Council

Further reading

Action 39 River Access Mapping

Canoe Trail Audit & River Access Mapping

GBF Survey on project's impact 2013

Kilsheelan Tidy Towns brief

Supporting social enterprise (leaflet)

Tipperry project update. Scot mtg

Carrick on Suir River Festival poster

Developing the Socio Economic Potential of Waterway Corridors

Rural Arts and Culture Press Release

Outreach Newsletter

Sounding Lines Press Release June 2014

Inch Field River Access Point 1 (photo)

Inch Field River Access Point 2 (photo)

Inch Field River Access Point 3 (photo)

Sean Healey Park Access Point, Carrick-on-Suir 1 (photo)

Sean Healey Park Access Point, Carrick-on-Suir 2 (photo)

Sean Healey Park Access Point, Carrick-on-Suir 3 (photo)

Sounding Lines public art project information


WP2A5 Social outcomes through organic food production

Action 5 is targetted at developing social business opportunities in Belgium & France based on a specific product delivered by green infrastructure - organic fruit & vegetables - and creating a resource centre based on this.

Detailed pilot project descriptions

Succeed in Sambre
Province of Hainaut

Further reading

Partner update (Sambre) Scot meeting

Charleroi Pilot - press article (French)

Spirulina Production: Conclusions and Perspectives


WP2A6 Water corridor management, West Flanders

Action 6 is also based on a specific activity - the environmental management of green infrastructure. This action will develop a resource centre for the partnership on this aspect of work.

Detailed pilot project description

Province of West Flanders

Further reading

E-zine Stad-land-schap (to follow)

Keep on knotting in 't West-Vlaamse hart (to follow)

Poeleninventarisatie in 't West-Vlaamse hart (to follow)

Actions 5 & 6 will specifically address issues of social enterprise management, such as business structures, finance, procurement and the long-term sustainability of enterprises. Towards the end of the WP activity, the 2 resource centres created will be merged into the virtual Social Enterprise Zone concept to create an on-going structure that will be finalised through WP4. 



WP2I3 Materials for business development Arts

WP2I4 Materials & equipment for Charleroi pilot action

WP2I5 Certification of trainees by social promotion school network / Set up a production unit of plantlets

WP2I6 Creation of neighbourhood cohesion around orchardsThe development of market gardening


Joint outputs and working

Belgium & Hainaut perspective - Social Enterprise & Market Gardening

Certification for Work Readiness - Skills Scotland

Summary of WP3 Skills development (Hainaut meeting presentation)