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Work package 1

Project start-up and project action definition

This work package (WP) forms the first phase of the project. All partners will come together to

  1. bring together existing approaches and their experiences in involving the social economy in managing & developing green & blue infrastructure;
  2. identify existing good practices & approaches, drawing upon lessons learnt through previous European projects as appropriate;
  3. jointly elaborate the pilot actions to be carried out within the project.

The pilot actions to be carried out through the project have been identified at the project preparation stage. This has established in general terms the activity involved, the means of delivery via the third sector and the intended beneficiaries and outcomes. This WP will elaborate the detailed implementation of the actions, drawing upon good practice elsewhere and the experiences / expertise of partners, both from the public and third (not-for-profit) sectors.

The WP will also identify the social outcomes expected from the pilot actions and how these might be recorded and measured, so that the concrete results of Green & Blue Futures can be evaluated at the end of the project. Such outcomes may relate to employment (particularly amongst target groups such as young people & the long-term unemployed); learning & skills; social measures (such as community cohesion, social capital); not-for-profit business start-ups & sustainability etc. The concept of a Social Enterprise Zone, creating an on-going platform for public & social actors related to green infrastructure in the partnership area will be investigated in detail.

Further reading

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