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Production of food

Green and Blue Futures focused on developing produce from publicly-owned green space, while delivering social outcomes. Three pilots were established in Hainaut to use open space to produce organic food & vegetables, and involve unskilled unemployed people in the production process.  The aim was to produce & supply quality food products at a competitive price to the deprived communities around the pilot sites.

An investigation of lessons learned has been taken forward through an innovative approach with partner Réussir en Sambre. Through this, a resource has been created for exchanging best practice and expertise in the use of green infrastructure for organic food production.

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Creation of community cohesion around orchards

A local territorial actor collaborates with inhabitants of the neighbourhood to implement activities around orchards putting partnership in a long term footing.

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From "seeds to plate", producing plantlets and high quality compost

Delsamme farm is a socioprofessional integration operator who has a training section in market gardening. Within Green and Blue Futures, it develops its activities in producing what are their actual inputs: plantlets and good quality compost.

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Implement market gardening and socio-professional integration in urban area

The action will focus on the creation of a training section of market gardening. The Régie will first set up small parcels within the district for the production of vegetables. It will then study and implement the distribution of the production aiming at the population of the deprived area.

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Study of implementation of spirulina under greenhouses on the banks of the Sambre

The project of spirulina farming led by Succeed in Sambre Avesnois has the ambition to make the Sambre a pilot area for sustainable development by developing new economic activity on the banks of the river through intensive production (market gardening) of spirulina. This will also allow the inhabitants to reconnect with the waterways.

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Develop market gardening and socio-professional integration in a rural environment

Development of professional training in gardening and broadening of the range of competencies covered by the training, while keeping in mind its neighbourhood revitalisation mission.

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