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Pilot themes

We have identified the following as key opportunities for transnational collaborations/exchanges:

Implementing certification opportunities

Green and Blue Futures aims to deliver social outcomes through the involvement of social economy in managing the green and blue infrastructure and in particular through the training of long term unemployed and unemployed young people. Giving training opportunities, the operators pursued several goals: the acquisition of knowledge and skills: social and interpersonal skills, basic skills and knowledge, job specific technical skills and knowledge, but also supporting professional orientation and giving a working experience.

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Production of food

Green and Blue Futures focused on developing produce from publicly-owned green space, while delivering social outcomes. Three pilots were established in Hainaut to use open space to produce organic food & vegetables, and involve unskilled unemployed people in the production process.  The aim was to produce & supply quality food products at a competitive price to the deprived communities around the pilot sites.

An investigation of lessons learned has been taken forward through an innovative approach with partner Réussir en Sambre. Through this, a resource has been created for exchanging best practice and expertise in the use of green infrastructure for organic food production.

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Working with volunteers

Volunteers can not only help waterway management organisations like Canal & River Trust and Scottish Canals with certain maintenance tasks and the like – but they can achieve a number of personal benefits as they do this. In other countries the use of a volunteer work force is somewhat different. In Belgium for example they are taken on by organisations in the social economy and by social enterprises to carry out fairly basic tasks (‘green maintenance‘ is an example.) We have considered all these various aspects of volunteering and want to present our conclusions and recommendations as to how this activity can be extended more widely across Europe. Partners are very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about this - and the exchanges and joint learning throughout the project helps extend this much wider than if we were working alone.

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