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Study of implementation of spirulina under greenhouses on the banks of the Sambre

Over the course of our study we have often evoked a spirulina market that is poorly organised within France; there are a great many actors present but their reduced production and scope have a limited impact on the market. Indeed, with a production of about 50 tonnes per year we have to import spirulina to meet the demand of French households, which is now close to 250 tonnes per year.

Still, the spirulina market is in full development, and its transformation is underway, with many new initiatives recently observed.

The market for nutritional supplements is an existing and profitable market where spirulina can find its place. The economic potential is huge: more than 2.5 million people consume supplements year round. Additionally, the Asiatic market produces a poor quality spirulina. The site of Maubeuge will have for vocation to produce a spirulina of quality. Why not be an experimental laboratory in the basic research?

The aim is to produce 15 tons per year or 20% of French consumption. The targeted market is the food supplement consumers, cosmetic and pharmaceutical laboratories, NGOs (fight against hunger), BIO stores.

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