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Ship Shape Leisure

Ship Shape Leisure is looking to address some of the many social issues in the Tamfourhill and Camelon area, where youth unemployment is high as is anti-social behaviour and related crime. As one of the areas identified in the Scottish Governments Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation(SIMD) local resident Craig Anderson wanted to create a community facility where young people could take part in sport and fitness activities, young mums could be supported back into work through affordable crèche services and the local community could come together to access training opportunities. Craig had long been aware of the now defunct Irn Bru factory situated by the union canal in Tamfourhill, and a plan to redevelop it as a community activity, fitness and training hub was formulating in his mind each day as he passed it on his way to college.

Craig has worked hard to engage with community stakeholders and other local organisations that could help him realise his ambitious dream. A number of other local social enterprises are also keen to be involved including the Gingerbread Café, Rock-A-Bye Creche Services, Kids Love Wellies and Re-union Canal Boats. A community engagement event is planned for June and talks with various funders are underway.

From the photos you can see the scale of the task ahead for Craig but he is a determined, hard working and an enthusiastic social entrepreneur.


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This project is part of Green & Blue Futures Helix Social Enterprise Zone, managed by the Helix Social Enterprise Zone Partnership.