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From "seeds to plate", producing plantlets and high quality compost

Delsamme farm is a socio-professional integration actor that is part of the Centre Public d’Aide Sociale (CPAS) of the town La Louvière. It covers 4 training fields including market gardening and green space management. It is active since ten years in the production of organic vegetables.

The farm wishes to develop the approach “from seeds to plates”. On the “plate” part, the CPAS invested in an up-to-standard kitchen and has requested the opening of a new training area in cooking.  Green and blue Futures tackles the “seeds” part: seeds, plantlets and compost.

The action focused on the production of plantlets and aromatics. Farm Delsamme has set up a plantlets and aromatics production unit in order to meet its own needs but will also sell them. It also included the set up of a production of quality compost from the waste of the farm various activities. Therefore, the farm has realized the necessary investments in infrastructures and equipments with the Interreg investments. It will also enhance its knowledge and skills. These new practices and expertise have been included in the training of trainees.
It was also an opportunity for exchange between the subpartners: plantlets donation, training, sharing of know how, etc.


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Maraichons pour l’insertion
Within Green and Blue Futures, the Province of Hainaut built up a partnership with three social integration operators who use market gardening as a tool for social integration of long term unemployed.  Each partner has implemented specific pilots actions but also participates to a larger dynamic of networking and capacity building: MaraichonsPourLinsertion.

This pilot “from seeds to plate” was implemented by one of the three subpartner of province de Hainaut.

Check the Province Green and Blue related website [FR]

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