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Neighbourhood Green

In collaboration with the city of Roeselare, tasks in green management that are not being executed by the city green services, are being reserved for social economy. These regions were already determined in advance of the Green and Blue Futures. However, the project will be used to effectively hire a company to maintain the green in a sub-area of Beveren and attempt to set up a collaboration with the local inhabitants in order to raise a certain proudness and involvement with their own region.

Moreover, the company that executes these works hires local inhabitants, strengthening this involvement even further. The involvement of the residents will be both on the level of planning, getting their desires on paper and assisting in the realisation of the new plans. If possible, common working days will be organised as well. For the first time in the procurement procedure, the social economy enterprises will have the possibility to work with a “picture estimate”. In this way of procurement the company does not have to give an price for mowing the grass twice each month. Instead they determine the price to have a tidy lawn. This way of procurement gives the social economy enterprise a better chance to optimise their staff, organisation and expenses, giving them better possibilities for the future of the enterprise.

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