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Implement market gardening and socio-professional integration in urban area

The non-profit organization" Régie des Quartiers de Charleroi" jointly realizes two types of actions: on one side, those favouring the improvement of the living environment, the animation, the conviviality and the exercise of the citizenship, and, on the other side, those contributing to the social and occupational insertion of the trainees by offering them a formation supervised by a professional team.

The social, administrative and technical management is assured by a technical trainer and a social mediator who are helping the trainees in the construction of their personal project of social and occupational insertion and contribute to the re-energization of the district.

The action focused on the creation of a training section of market gardening. The Régie first set up small parcels within the district for the production of vegetables. It studied and implemented the distribution of the production aiming at the population of the deprived area. Therefore the Régie has realized the necessary investments in infrastructures and materials. Part of the Interreg budget has been dedicated to the wages of a technical trainer in market gardening for the training of the trainees.


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Maraichons pour l’insertion
Within Green and Blue Futures, the Province of Hainaut built up a partnership with three social integration operators who use market gardening as a tool for social integration of long term unemployed.  Each partner has implemented specific pilot actions but also participates to a larger dynamic of networking and capacity building: MaraichonsPourLinsertion.

“This pilot "Implement market gardening and socio-professional integration in urban area" was implemented by one of the three subpartners of province de Hainaut.

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