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Develop market gardening and socio-professional integration in a rural environment - structural funding

The Régie d’Habitat Rural en Val de Sambre is an association which has for its mission (1) the social integration of persons that are far from employment and (2) the revitalisation of the neighbourhood. It is based in a farm called Forestaille which also hosts a social housing project.

The “Régie” is in charge of the management of the Forestaille farm site (woods, meadows and fields) and has set up, among others, training activities in vegetables production. The “Régie” adopts an agroecological approach that is at the heart of all its activities.

In order to develop its market gardening activities, while professionalizing its training, the Régie has realized the necessary investments in infrastructures and equipments with the Interreg fundings.

In order to be able to efficiently dig the soil, the farm bought a tractor with accessories.

The purchase of a greenhouse has allowed an extension of the production seasons.

The cold room installation has given the farm much more flexibility for vegetables conservation. That should give more time to sell their vegetables and certainly increase its sales.

Training on bio-gardening techniques was given during summer 2014 to improve the market gardening expertise of technical trainers. That covered a lot of topics, ranging from planning of culture to vegetables diseases or how to cure them without pesticides.