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Creation of community cohesion around orchards

The Régie d’Habitat Rural en Val de Sambre is an association which has for missions (1) the social integration of persons that are far from employment and (2) the revitalisation of the neighbourhood. It is based in a farm called Forestaille which also hosts a social housing project. During 3 years the “Régie” has gradually developed its actions within the town of Lobbes.

The Régie in collaboration with inhabitants of the neighbourhood implemented activities around orchards putting partnership with the inhabitants in a long term footing. The first part of the action was directed towards the establishment of contacts with interested neighbours and investigation of common interests. The objective was to create a partnership with inhabitants to develop neighbourhood cohesion around orchards  and set up common activities as processing fruit juice, organisation of training and knowledge sharing, collective maintenance of forgotten orchards… while keeping in mind the socio-professional integration mission of the Regie.


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