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Creating value through knowledge

For this pilot the province of West-Flanders works together with De Lochting (social enterprise) and Sint-Idesbald (school for students with learning disabilities).

The aim of this pilot is to realise a test case in which each employer or student receives a certification that is comparable (or equivalent) to a degree that can be acquired by following regular education. This should help to lower the distance to the regular job market.

In order to get this certification two research aspects are prioritised. A comprehensive study of the existing systems and how to apply them to a social enterprise and the school in which learning by working is very important. Next to this a lot of interaction and discussion with different (Flemish) agencies (for instance education) is vital. Lobbying will be required to be selected as a test case for new (or adapted) ways of learning. In order to do so a consultant with a lot of experience in (adult) education is employed. The project will lead to both a system that can be put into place by September 2015 and to policy recommendations to facilitate this system and to expand it to other sectors, next to green maintenance or bio-gardening.

In order to get a successful result of the test cases, examples of the other partners will be studied. Mostly because next to the juridical aspects and valorisation systems, a key ingredient for success is to stimulate the participants to finish their education. Given their particular issues and situation, this could be a big challenge.

Further reading

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