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Our activities

This section descibes activities being undertaken by our partners in the two main themes

  1. Development of the social economy to manage green & blue infrastructure. This will address topics such as promoting social entrepreneurship and developing financially sustainable business models that are cost-effective and deliver wider benefits to society; stakeholder engagement, bringing together the public, social & private sectors to support delivery; developing appropriate approaches to deal with issues such as public procurement and the relationship between stakeholders through contracts / agreements; developing a methodology for assessing and evaluating projects, in terms of both cost-effectiveness and social outcomes delivered.
  2. The delivery of social outcomes to help deliver strong and prosperous communities. This theme will look at the nature and needs of the various groups of beneficiaries that will be coordinated through the social economy structures. These include disadvantaged groups such as the long-term unemployed, unemployed young people, ex-offenders, young people with special needs and older citizens. The project will look at the training & skills needs of these groups and how they might be delivered. It will develop appropriate structures / arrangements for managing beneficiaries and investigate how community / special interest groups can become involved through volunteering (which is quite well developed in the UK / Ireland, but less so in other partner countries.)

Each activity has been led by one or more of the partners, with progress and results shared at regular steering group meetings.