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Nature friendly maintenance of water buffers, Belgium

In order to prevent flooding, buffers that stockpile water during heavy rain were realised. The buffers do not only exert a function in flood prevention but are also used to create nature hot spots in a densely populated and cultivated landscape. Nature conservation plans and maintenance are required for this

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Amphibian Projects and Willow Coppicing, Belgium

Mid-West-Flanders is densely populated, intensively cultivated and crossed by a big number of roads. Hence, nature is under big pressure and some species are (nearly) extinct. These actions support those species.

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Caldon Canal - access and towpath improvement, United Kingdom

The Caldon Canal is used as the infrastructure for accredited training for young people to enhance their employability via skills enhancement and broadening their social skills through teamworking. A mixture of well established and new volunteers - groups and individuals - and unemployed young people undertake environmental, heritage and access improvements, improving the wildlife, heritage and tourism value of the canal.

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Transnational thematics