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GBF partners organise international field visits in bio gardening

April 2014

Succeed In Sambre and Province of Hainaut are work jointly on the development of a resource centre on vegetable production. This resource centre is delivered as web sites for Hainaut and for SIS.

The work on this resource centre has involved several internal workshops in Belgium and in France to coordinate the studies between the two partners. However, we find that site visits are worth a thousand words, so on the 25th April 2014, a day visit took for Hainaut sub-partners to visit socio-inclusion actors in Maubeuge neighbourhood. Officials from Farm Delsamme, La Rural Habitat Régie Val de Sambre Lobb in Val de Sambre and Charleroi Forestaille farm, plus Stéphane Ramu and Julia Bailly from Province of Hainaut participated in the visit. We visited the "Jardins de l'Espoir" a socio-insertion actor in bio-gardening that is part of the "Reseau de Cocagne" and "les Ateliers du Val de Sambre" which works with disabled people and grows vegetables.

1st site

"Les Jardins de l'Espoir" in Maubeuge work in market gardening organic production with people on a social integration path. This integration project has existed for fifteen years. The first products are marketed via local networks and nearly 20 baskets are sold daily. 14 people work on the project, with up to 40 in high season. They work 26 hours per week for up to 24 months. As part of the integration program, people are training for training in occupations related to agriculture or similar.

2nd site

"Les Ateliers du Val de Sambre" is a structure supported by AOSIS (Association for parents of handicapped children). These are people who have a disability of any kind (motor, physical, intellectual, visual or other.) As part of its integration path, an organic gardening work project was established 5 years ago, working with 24 disabled people annually. A gardening training programme is provided to them. The production is sold via local networks and also used in the refectory of the organisation. A shop is open to all and sells the production of day.

Photos from this visit may be found here.