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Project diary

Our project diary captures some of the significant events in the life of this project. Follow the Read more links for detail of each story.

Post-project update

May 2018

Green & Blue Futures formally ended in Sepember 2015. In the final period partners completed their investments and worked with Social Enterprises UK (SEUK) to populate and review the Evaluation, Framework, Policy Recommendations, Report on innovative practice, Recommendations on transnational mobility, and Report on developing an ongoing network.

Scotland’s first canal college concludes with a splash!

May 2015

Young volunteer participants who have benefited from the Scottish Waterways Trust’s canal college over the project’s two-year run gathered to celebrate their achievements at The Falkirk Wheel on Wednesday 13th May.

SIS host a workshop with Province of Hainaut

April 2015

A intensive workshop took place in Maubeuge at the Succeed in Sambre office on the 14th April 2015 to work on the Virtual Social Enterprise Zone. The VSEZ concept is to share best practice on the thematics developed within Green & Blue Futures.

Evaluation Workshop

March 2015

In early March, Green and Blue Futures appointed Social Enterprise UK (SEUK) as evaluators of the project to gather quantitative and qualitative data, provide an objective analysis, and to aid in sharing learning and recommendations from the initiative.

Sounding Lines

January 2015

Sounding Lines intends to encourage participants to navigate and encounter the River Suir in an innovative and unexpected way. Communities will experience a heightened awareness and reverence for the river as a unique historical, cultural and ecological natural resource.

Lost canal lock rediscovered by trainees

December 2014

A canal lock that has been "lost" for about a century has been rediscovered. Trainees working with the Canal and River Trust revealed the 240-year-old lock at Consall Flint Mill, in the Churnet Valley, in Staffordshire, buried beneath vegetation as part of a six-week project during December.