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Set up a production unit of plantlets

Partner Action Number & Description

WP2  - Development of not for profit structures and WP3 – social outcomes

Action 5 – Social outcomes through organic food production

Action 5 focuses on developing products (fruits and vegetables) from green space, while delivering social outcomes (training of persons far from the employment, revitalisation of deprived area, access to vegetables in deprived area, etc)



Delsamme farm is a socioprofessional integration actor that is part of the Centre Public d’Aide Sociale (CPAS) of the town La Louvière. It covers 4 training fields including market gardening and green space management. It is active since ten years in the production of organic vegetables.

The farm wishes to develop the approach “from seeds to plates”. On the “plate” part, the CPAS invested in a up-to-standard kitchen and has requested the opening of a new training area in cooking.  Green and blue Futures will tackle the “seeds” part: seeds, plantlets and compost.

The Delsamme farm is an experienced partner in our partnership. This actor is ready to play a major role in the share of experiences between partners and exchange seeds and plantlets.


Description / Nature of Pilot

The action will focus on the production of plantlets and aromatics. Farm Delsamme will set up a plantlets and aromatics production unit in order to meet its own needs but will also sell them. Therefore, the farm will realise the necessary investments in infrastructures and equipments. It will also enhance its knowledge and skills. These new practices and expertise will be included in the training of trainees.

At first, the Farm Delsamme will develop a partnership with the “Régie d’Habitat Rural en Val de Sambre”, not only to provide them with plantlets for their market gardening activity but also to support them in the definition of their needs and the set up of their culture planning.

Farm Delsamme will also advertise its new business to potential future clients through various communication actions. Vegetables boxes, markets and the Farm bioshop are all distribution channels that can be valued.

The action also includes the production of quality compost from the waste of the farm various activities. Investments will be needed to upgrade the infrastructure standards and for the equipment to manage the compost area. This will again be the opportunity for Delsamme farm to share its knowledge with the rest of the partnership through the organisation of visits and composting courses and to add new skills to the training of trainees.


Pilot objective

Extend the range of farm activities to the production and distribution of plantlets as well as production of compost and integrate new skills development for trainees. Make these new activities an open door to a partnership with other social inclusions actors.


Pilot Framework / Timescale

September 2012-December 2014


Funding / Budget

108.000 € : from the Interreg project.

Administrative employees and trainers as well as current infrastructure costs are currently paid by the La Louvière town.


Pilot Stakeholders

  • L’EFT Ferme Delsamme
  • Le CPAS de La Louvière
  • La RHR Val de Sambre
  • RQ Charleroi
  • La Louvière town
  • Province de Hainaut


Recommended Design Delivery


Preliminary actions

Undertake studies (production of seeds and plantlets, legal rules on composting) and  fine tune the pilot action definition

Submit environmental permits (for greenhouse installation and composting equipment.)

Public bids and purchases (greenhouse renovation plastics, new greenhouse, seeds tables, irrigation systems, refrigerated van, compost slab and tractor accessory)

Implementation of the new infrastructures


Plantlets production (2013-2014 season)

Definition of own requirements in plantlets and of the support  RHR Val de Sambre in defining its needs

Set up plantlets production schedule

Multiplication of aromatics (autumn 2013)

Plantlets production (spring, summer 2014)


Distribution (2014 season)

Deliveries to partner Régie du Val de Sambre

Distribution within the store and in the vegetables boxes (advertising the new  activity)

Aromatic distribution during the  Open Door day ( advertising the new activity)

Concentrate part of the “Open door day “on that new activity (advertising)


Pilot Outputs / Outcomes



New infrastructures: functional compost production unit and plantlet production unit

Production of plantlets

Distribution of plantlets to a productive actor

Support to Forestaille farm

Distribution of “advertising” plantlet to potential new clients (private individual)


Give coherence to the activity (higher satisfaction)

Higher quality training

Constructive relation within the partnership

Enhance the interest for the farm activities

Facilitate soil management

Additional revenue