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Production of food

Green and Blue Futures focused on developing produce from publicly-owned green space, while delivering social outcomes.

  • Three pilots were established in Hainaut to use open space to produce organic food & vegetables, and involve unskilled unemployed people in the production process.
  • The aim to produce & supply quality food products at a competitive price to the deprived communities around the pilot sites.
  • Investigate how lessons learned can be taken forward through an innovative approach With partner Réussir en Sambre.
  • Through the action, a resource centre for the whole of the G&BF partnership has been created for exchanging best practice and expertise in the use of green infrastructure for organic food production.

What has been done?

Transnational added value

  • Hainaut through the development of 3 pilots reinforced its expertise on market gardening and socio-inclusion.
  • Succeed in Sambre investigated its local situations.
  • Sharing of experiences between the two close regions led to the creation of a common knowledge that is now linked and will be enriched. Prospective collaborations are now regularly examined by the two partners.

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