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Implement market gardening and socio-professional integration in urban areas

Partner Action Number & Description

WP2  - Development of not for profit structures and WP3 – social outcomes

Action 5 – Social outcomes through organic food production

Action 5 focuses on developing products (fruits and vegetables) from green space, while delivering social outcomes (training of persons far from the employment, revitalisation of deprived area, access to vegetables in deprived area, etc)



The “Régie des Quartiers de Charleroi” is an association which has for missions (1) the social integration of persons that are far from employment and (2) the revitalisation of the neighbourhood. It consists of 6 units called "Services d’Actions Citoyennes" (SAC) , Each of these units is linked to a specific district of Charleroi.  They provide trainings in building renovation or green spaces maintenance.

The Régie wishes to create a new "SAC" in Marchienne-Docherie that will be dedicated to market gardening.


Description / Nature of Pilot

The action will focus on the creation of a training section of market gardening. The Régie will first set up small parcels within the district for the production of vegetables. It will then study and implement the distribution of the production aiming at the population of the deprived area. . Therefore the Régie will realize the necessary investments in infrastructures and materials. Part of the Interreg budget will be dedicated to the wages of a technical trainer in market gardening for the training of the trainees.


Pilot objective

Extend the range of activities of the Régie des Quartiers de Charleroi to market gardening: participate to socio-professional reintegration of beneficiaries using market gardening, distribute good quality food within the district and raise awareness on gardening linked thematic


Pilot Framework / Timescale

 Sept 2012- Dec 2014


Funding / Budget

108 000€. From Interreg project

The running costs of the Régie (staff, consummables, etc)  are covered by the Régie.

Technical trainer wages are subsidized by Interreg IVB Green and Blue Futures.


Pilot Stakeholders

•    Régie  des Quartiers de Charleroi

•    Province de Hainaut

•    RHR Val de Sambre

•    EFT Ferme Delsamme

•    CPAS de Charleroi

•    Fonds du logement


Recommended Design Delivery

Preliminary actions

  • Open a new unit: SAC de Marchienne-Docherie
  • Recruit the staff and the beneficiaries
  • Set up convention with the owners of the parcels
  • Launch public bids : purchases of materials, consumables and recruitment of an external actor for technical support and advice

Set up training in market gardening: Production of vegetables

  • Prepare the parcels (Clearing waste accumulated on the grounds, cutting down trees, fencing in, soil analyses, preparing greenhouse space, etc)
  • Build wooden pots and cold frame
  • Install infrastructures: greenhouse and home made wooden pots for “off-ground” culture
  • Sow, plant, maintain, collect vegetables during the season 2013 and 2014

Neighbourhood actions

  • Contact actors of the districts to develop activities around city gardening with inhabitants (example: association supporting children after school with homeworks)


  • Undertake studies over Afsca legal constraints
  • Contact social actors of the district (restaurant, distribution of food aid packages) to examine how to deliver vegetables
  • Set up a collaboration
  • Regular distribution


Pilot Outputs / Outcomes

New training unit set up in Marchienne Docherie

Production of vegetables

Distribution of vegetables within the a deprived area

District animation around gardening

A new training model that can be replicated in other districts