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The development of market gardening in agroecology within the social integration partner Régie d’Habitat Rural en Val de Sambre

Partner Action Number & Description

WP2 Action 5



The "Régie d'Habitat Rural en Val de Sambre" is an association which has for missions (1) the social integration of persons that are far from employment and (2) the revitalisation of the neighbourhood. It is based in a farm called Forestaille which also hosts a social housing project.

The "Régie d'Habitat Rural en Val de Sambre" is a young project started in 2009. The "Régie" is in charge of the management of the Forestaille farm site (woods, meadows and fields) and has set up, among others, training activities in vegetables production.

The "Régie" adopts an agroecological approach that is at the heart of all its activities and is also followed for the broader development of the site of the farm Forestaille. This approach allows to meet the challenges of its production activity but also to meet its social concerns (integration mission and neighbourhood revitalization) and environmental concerns (site management of the Farm and sensitization to agroecology.)


Description / Nature of Pilot

In order to develop its market gardening activities, while professionalizing its training, the Régie will work on two axes:

  • Relevant investments in infrastructures: greenhouse, tractor and cold room
  • Development of its educational offer, through staff and trainees training

To carry out these activities, the "Régie" will not hesitate to seek advice either within the Blue Green Futures partnership and, through external consultants.
Subsequently, the development of the market gardening will result in new production. The Régie will also work in parallel at developing its commercialisation.


Pilot objective

Development of professional training in gardening and broadening of the range of competencies covered by the training, while keeping in mind its neighbourhood revitalization mission.


Pilot Framework / Timescale

Sept 2012-December 2014

Funding / Budget
108 000€ : from the Interreg
All the running costs of the organism (employees, materials, etc) as well as the staff for the implementation of this pilot action are covered by the Régie.


Pilot Stakeholders

  • RHR Val de Sambre
  • Le Fond du logement
  • La commune de Lobbes
  • La Ferme Delsamme
  • La RQ de Charleroi
  • EPI asbl
  • Province de Hainaut


Recommended Design Delivery

Acquisition of a tractor

Training of trainees in the use of the tractor
First gardening season with the tractor

Acquisition of a greenhouse

Study and technical advice
Acquisition and installation of the greenhouse
First gardening season with this new infrastructure

Acquisition of a cold room

Updating to standard the electrical installation
Acquisition and installation of the cold room

Professionalization of the training

Acquisition of teaching materials
Training of trainers and trainees by external trainers

Support for the development of the activity

Monitoring and advice during gardening season by professionals
Tips for preparing the plan and the culture calendar by Delsamme Farm and plantlets supply
Study of distribution channels
Development of a website (for visibility and as marketing tool)


Pilot Outputs / Outcomes

Enrichment of the educational offer, providing a wider range of knowledge and expertise and professionalization of the offer (Greenhouse culture, use of tractor, ,planning of culture, etc.)
Satisfaction of the trainees who feel within others better valued . It is made visible through better daily atmosphere within the group, longer training periods and enthusiastic testimonials
Better visibility and gain of credibility for the "Régie"